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Cumberland County Improvement Authority announces recycling changes

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority announced Thursday it will now accept

additional plastic containers for recycling.

In a statement outlining the new policy, the CCIA Recycling Chair Jose Valez said:

“Have you ever looked at the code on the bottom of plastic contains in your household? Thanks to the Society of the Plastic Industry, most plastic containers are labeled with a single digit inside of a triangle that ranges from one to seven, which is also known as the plastic resin ID code. These numbers help provide a guide for consumers to know how to properly recycle or dispose of plastic containers.

“In the past, it was just plastic containers with the numbers 1 or 2. Because of constantly changing market conditions, the (CCIA) has partnered with RE Community Recycling to process its bottles and cans.

“Now, the CCIA accepts plastics with the numbers 4, 5, and 7.
There are still two types of plastics that can not be recycled and should be disposed of with your regular trash — numbers 3 and 6.

“Our towns are now able to accept these containers as part of their collection program along with the other plastic, metal and glass containers we have been collecting,” said Dennis DeMatte, CCIA recycling coordinator.

“Plastic yogurt containers, margarine tubs, appetizer containers and takeout food containers can now be recycled with your bottles and cans.

“Please remember to give them a rinse and remove and dispose of all lids. These additional materials, along with cartons that were recently added to the collection stream, will allow our municipalities and the county remain on top of the recycling charts in New Jersey.”


Source : www.nj.com

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