As announced on this Wednesday (May 13), plastics auxiliary equipment supplier Conair and German plastics machinery provider Kreyenborg have reached an agreement to give Conair rights to sell a co-branded infrared polymer dryer (IRD) to plastics processors worldwide.

In fact, the first Conair-Kreyenborg IRD has already been sold to a sheet producer in Monterrey, Mexico.

The deal with Kreyenborg expands Conair’s dryer product line — already one of the most complete in the industry — to include technology that promises faster drying and reduced energy consumption in high-volume applications such as PET sheet and film. Conair will exhibit an IRD for the first time at NPE 2009, the US’ largest plastics trade fair, from June 22 to 26.

The contract with Kreyenborg is open-ended, says Larry Doyle, Vice Prisdent, Global Sales & Marketing of Conair. It gives Conair rights to sell the IRD dryers into the worldwide plastics auxiliaries market. The machines will be sold and serviced through Conair’s global network of representatives, service technicians and regional businesses.

The Conair-Kreyenborg IRD will offer several key advantages over other infrared dryers. These include:

* Reliable IR module and radiators are especially designed for drying dusty materials like PET regrind. The module has a ceramic backing and is formed to allow excellent laminar airflow around the lamps. This aids cooling, reduces dust build-up and improves lamp longevity.

* Auger feeding ensures reliably flexible throughput rates. Unlike other infrared dryers, which are fed by gravity, the Conair-Kreyenborg IRD is fed by a variable-speed auger for added control.

* Frame-mounted infrared module slides out for maintenance and cleaning. The frame is supported inside the dryer (instead of being floor mounted) so that the dryer-discharge height can be changed to suit customer requirements. The dryer can even be installed on a mezzanine.

* Enclosed drying chamber prevents escape of dust and fines. An exhaust fan extracts air from the IRD and can direct it to a dust filter if necessary.



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