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Colour, Flame Retardant and UV Stabiliser Combination Masterbatches…

Until recently, there was no effective solution for combining flame retardants and UV stabilisers, as light activates a chemical reaction between the halogenated flame retardant and HALS stabilisers, which causes the unwanted deactivation of the light stabilising properties.

Now, Gabriel-Chemie has developed its PPSYS solution, which has enabled a UV stabiliser and flame retardant combination for the first time. Our development work was motivated by the desire to be the first to offer a combination product which would meet all FIFA and UEFA requirements. Our objective was to supply a combination of colour masterbatches together with an UV stabiliser and flame retardant as one system.

Based on the conditions mentioned, this solution system should offer the following protection at the usual dosage rates:

    * Minimum 8.3GJ/m 2 (~200kLy) UV performance, which corresponds to ~2 years Middle Europe
    * FR performance according to national standards such as DIN 4102 B1/B2, BS5852:1990 CRIB 3-7 and       many others on request

All-in-one masterbatch for stadium seating systems

This product is designed to give surface protection and to minimise effects like surface degradation on those parts of a seat exposed to the sun which result in a discoloration or so called “chalking”.

Gabriel-Chemie develops individual dosaging recommendations for each project, depending on the solar radiation in that particular geographic area. Adhering to these recommendations maintains the visual properties of the seat for around 2.5 to 3 years.

Functional properties are not influenced during service life through the use of PPSYS systems.

An all-in-one masterbatch for stadium seating systems

Gabriel-Chemie sees the necessity of continuously improving its PPSYS stadium seating system as a matter of course. Our challenge: easier manufacturing and lower dosage rates. The result: the PPSYSM series.

The benefits of PPSYSM
All-in-one masterbatch for stadium seating systems

    * PPSYSM provides colour, flame retardancy and UV stabilisation combined in a onecomponent       masterbatch. It is a perfect “All in One Pellet”.
    * Compared to our previous PPSYS, our PPSYSM series enables lower dosage rates and provides bet ter       manufacturing efficiency.
    * PPSYSM systems contain selected colour, flame retardancy and UV stabilisation ingredients that       enable the best possible synergistic performance for the optical
       and mechanical service life       combined with fire protection for PP stadium seating systems and other applications.
    * PPSYSM can be applied in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes.
    * PPSYSM provides excellent colour distribution and homogeneity in the injection moulding process,       even with complicated article designs and mould shapes.
    * PPSYSM meets the FIFA/UEFA requirements for stadium seating systems made of polypropylene with       regard to the building of new or the modernisation of old
       football stadia.
    * PPSYSM has been certified according to DIN 4102 (German regulation regarding fire prevention in       buildings), classification B1 and B2 in injection moulded and
       blow moulded applications.



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