The Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet case coder is now better than ever thanks to a software upgrade which adds a host of new capabilities.It means users can print more than before with the same printer – the upgrade will be standard on all new models and can be added free of charge to existing machines, emphasising Linx’s commitment to future-proofing its products.

Already trusted for its ease of use and low cost of ownership, the Linx TJ725 now boasts additional features including:

• Internal dynamic barcode generation capability for quicker customisation
• Anti ink-bleed feature and new inks, allowing a wider range of substrates to be coded
• 600dpi printing for better print contrast
• Rotated text fields
• Arabic language support
• Even quicker code editing and creation

The Linx TJ725 already incorporates Simply Smart Technology® to offer a high resolution, digital solution for coding onto outer cases, boxes, shelf ready trays and packaging.Supplied in just a few pieces out of the box, the Linx TJ725 is simple to fit without needing a service engineer or specialist installation tools. No training is needed and users can be up and running within minutes.

The Linx TJ725 can cut waste and save money because it is ready to print straight away every time and with no hidden service costs, increasing production line efficiency.Linx’s innovative Active Cartridge Care System® saves money and cuts waste by slowing the nozzle drying process, making first prints more reliable every time.

The nozzles are covered and protected when not in use and uncovered automatically when the first product is sensed, so the Linx TJ725 is ready to produce high quality prints as soon as they’re needed. It can also sense how much ink is left and forecast the number of prints remaining, so operators can plan to keep lines running without interruption.

The replaceable ink cartridge with integral printhead is key to the coder’s efficiency, as there is no risk of expensive printhead replacement or repairs. Installing a new cartridge is a simple process that takes seconds. The machine then automatically detects the type of cartridge fitted, and adjusts for optimum printing performance.
The Linx TJ725 also allows easy, tool-free, repositioning of the printhead. So the printer can be set up quickly and easily in the correct printing position during product changeovers, or when moving the printer between lines – saving production time.

The built-in sensors automatically detect the speed of the product, trigger the Active Cartridge Care System and initiate printing, which means no separate encoder or sensors are needed – again making set-up on the line simplicity itself. The touch screen interface offers ease of use and simple, intuitive configuration for easy message changeover. For operators, the colour screen clearly shows the message selected as it will be printed, reducing the risk of coding errors.

The Linx TJ725 can print messages up to a height of 12.5mm, with a range of fonts and print densities of up to 600dpi, and line speeds of up to 1 metre/sec.

Jason Remnant, Linx Product Manager, says: “Already arguably the easiest to use printer of its type, the Linx TJ725 now has a host of features in addition to the key Linx qualities of being easy to use, reliable and delivering low long-term cost of ownership.”

About Linx Printing Technologies Ltd
Linx Printing Technologies is a leading global supplier of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, case coders, laser coders, thermal transfer printers and thermal inkjet printers. Its printers and coders are used across many different industries where product identification codes, batch numbers, dates and barcodes are required.

All Linx products are designed with low cost of ownership in mind and are distinguished by reliability, robustness and ease of use. Linx products code and mark millions of items every day, ranging from bottles, packages and cans of consumer goods to pharmaceutical products, cabling, electrical components and car parts.

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