Coca-Cola Has Released A 3D Printer For Plastic Bottle Recycling

3D technology gaining momentum in its development. Very often, the network gets the news that something was made usinCoca-Cola-plastic-bottleg special 3D printers.

According to experts, plastic without proper disposal is bad for the environment. To reduce the number of garbage companies 3D Systems and Coca-Cola had released a 3D printer that prints with recycled plastic bottles.
This technology has one disadvantage. It is that the user will need to contact the manufacturer to purchase the cartridges, so as to recycle plastic at home is impossible. But the producers promise to develop a program to exchange used plastic cartridges for the Ekocycle Cube.


The price of a 3D printer will be 1199 dollars.3D printer Ekocycle Cube are available for printing small objects the size of which does not exceed 152х152х152 of a millimeter. Also the printer can print in four colors: black, red, white, and transparent. The resolution of the printer is 70 microns. In their work, the Ekocycle Cube uses cartridges that are filled with a special material made from recycled plastic bottles. One cartridge will consist of three bottles.

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