Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH, an Austria-based machine manufacturer, has extended its Alpha 75-25B product range of single-screw extruder models for technical profiles as well as mini-diameter and corrugated pipes.

Similar to the two well-known models, Alpha 45 and Alpha 60, the new Alpha 75 single-screw extruder offers the advantages of short lead time, a favorable, uniform global price and high-grade technology. With its output of up to 120 kg/h for polyethylene, 150 kg/h for polyvinyl chloride and 180 kg/h for PC/ABS blends, this standard extruder lends itself to a great variety of applications.

The standard equipment package for the 75 mm extruder with smooth feed bushing and a processing length of 25 D includes a screw, a control cabinet based on a relay control system (SecuRe) and a mobile, digital operator terminal. Customers can choose between screws geometry suitable for HDPE, PP, ABS, PS and PET, one for modified hard PVC granulate and hard PVC with filler content, and one for soft PVC granulate. In addition to soft PVC compounds with and without filler content, the latter can also process TPE blends.

A CAN BUS interface, a UPS voltage drop protection unit as well as melt pressure and melt temperature sensors are available as options for the new Alpha Extruder.

For customers who prefer a complete line and simultaneously wish to benefit from the advantages of standard models, Cincinnati Extrusion also offers a turnkey solution from a single source. The complete line for technical profiles consists of an Alpha extruder, a customized profile die and the Alpha protech downstream unit. This unit includes a 6 m calibration table, a belt or caterpillar haul-off for line speeds of up to 20 m/min, a cut-off assembly and a tilting device. A PLC with six different languages that can be adjusted to customer-specific requirements and is operated via a six-inch touch display screen serves as control system for the downstream unit.



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