Cheektowaga residents cautioned to keep plastic out of yard waste

Cheektowaga resumed its pickup of yard waste this month, but the town is reminding residents to keep plastic and papers out of their yard waste.

The waste is taken to a local composting facility, Good Earth Organics Corp., from mid-April through mid-November. Officials from Good Earth Organics have issued the following guidelines:

Grass clippings must be placed in open containers or biodegradable bags not to exceed 40 pounds. Do not mix papers, plastics, stone or any other items with the clippings. Plastic bags are not accepted.

Brush and small branches must be cut into 4-foot lengths and tied in bundles not exceeding 40 pounds. For branches exceeding 4 feet or 40 pounds, contact the highway department at 686-3450.

Large landscaping materials (such as tree trunks and stumps) must be removed by your landscaping contractor.-: