Cereplast, Inc., a developer of proprietary bio-based sustainable plastics, announced yesterday (June 16) the launch of a breakthrough bio-based foamable resin to compete with Styrofoam and other foamable petroleum-based resins. Cereplast Compostable 5001 will complement Cereplast’s existing line of Compostables, expanding market applications for Cereplast resins.

Cereplast Compostable 5001 is a compostable foam using Ingeo PLA and various biodegradable and compostable components. This breakthrough resin is well suited for thermoforming application, such as egg cartons, meat trays and mushroom and berries boxes. Plastics converters need not to make new capital expenditure and can use Cereplast Compostables 5001 on conventional extrusion equipment, without process or screw changes. A foam density of 5 lb/cubic foot can be achieved using conventional equipment. Cereplast Compostables 5001 has higher thermal properties than traditional Compostables and is one of the best ways for plastics manufactures to reduce their dependence on petroleum-based plastics.


Source: plastics.2456.com

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