Cartesian coordinate robot helps enterprises improve productivity

Cartesian coordinate robot helps enterprises improve productivity
Cartesian coordinate robot helps enterprises improve productivity

In working behavior, Cartesian coordinate robot mainly completes linear motion along X axis, Y axis and Z axis, making it a multipurpose manipulator that can accomplish automatic control and reprogramming, provide diversified functions and create a multi-variant spatial right angle relation. With the development of robot technology, Cartesian coordinate robot technology is expected to find increasingly more extensive applications in various industrial sectors.

As an activating mechanism, Cartesian coordinate robot features convenient control and flexible operation and facilitates trajectory control in a complex setting. As a result, it plays an important role in helping enterprises to improve production efficiency and product quality. Cartesian coordinate robot is erected using multidimensional linear guide ways. For specific applications, it is possible to erect various types of Cartesian coordinate robots such as wall-mounted, cantilever, gantry type or inverted type Cartesian coordinate robots with different dimensions, different traveling distance and different load-carrying capacity.

With greater freedom of motion, all motions occur as programmed and all of them can be reprogrammed. Specific functions may vary depending on specific operating tools to complete high reliability, high speed and high precision multifunctional operation in a flexible manner. Cartesian coordinate robots can work continuously in adverse environment and they are easy to operate and maintain. Specifically, they play an important role in improving product quality, labor productivity and working conditions, and speeding up product upgrading. The birth of Cartesian coordinate robot has helped entrepreneurs deal with the challenges from hiking labor cost and shortage of technical labor hands. For high precision and high difficulty operating process, use of Cartesian coordinate robots can improve productivity compared with conventional manual operation.

The use of Cartesian coordinate robots in production can substantially reduce raw material waste and product rejection arising from erroneous operation and other similar factors. This is the key reason why increasingly more enterprises use Cartesian coordinate robots in place of conventional manual operation. With the birth of additional high and new technologies, we believe Cartesian coordinate robots will find extensive applications and thus bring more benefits for manufacturers in China.


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