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Borealis presence at Pharmapack North America sign of steady commitment to market

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals  and fertilizers, announces its participation at Pharmapack North America from June 10-12, 2014. As a showcase for the most innovative technologies in pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery devices, Pharmapack North America is the ideal opportunity for Borealis to promote its expanded scope of commitment to the North American market. It will highlight new Bormed™ product developments and publicise recent market activities carried out within the  framework of its cooperation with Nexeo Solutions.

Pharmapack North America as showcase for new Bormed™ product developments

Borealis continues to deliver new and innovative materials that meet specific North American healthcare market requirements. Returning for the third time to this major event, Borealis  representatives will use this opportunity to enter into direct dialogue with customers and  promote three newly-developed grades.

Borealis presence at Pharmapack North America sign of steady commitment to market
Borealis presence at Pharmapack North America sign of steady commitment to market

“This year, Borealis is expanding its presence at Pharmapack by giving a presentation on  innovation and stability in healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging,” says Jane Toogood, Borealis Senior Vice President New Business Development. “In addition to demonstrating how North American customers are well served by using the Bormed brand, we will discuss the  paradigm shift that is necessary to manage materials destined for use in healthcare applications. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with our North American partners and  customers at Pharmapack and beyond.”

Three newly-developed grades will be highlighted at Pharmapack 2014:
– Launched at the K 2013 fair in Germany, Bormed SB815MO is a step-change innovation  in soft polypropylene (PP). It provides unparalleled flexibility, with stiffness levels normally  associated with low density polyethylene (LDPE). Parenteral containers can be sterilised at a higher temperature than standard LDPE material, allowing for up to 50% shorter  sterilisation cycle time.

-Developed especially for non-oriented cast film on chill-roll process and blown film on tubular water quenching process, Bormed SC876CF will be launched at the end of June  2014. Providing an excellent balance between high toughness and high transparency, even after steam sterilisation at 121°C, this new grade is fully European and U.S. Pharmacopeia compliant. The judicious combination of physical properties allows for a significant reduction of more costly impact modifier in film formulation, as used for example  in bags for intravenously-administered drugs. The overall aim is to reduce the share of  impact modifier by at least 50%.

-Also launching in June 2014 is Bormed HJ875MO, a material produced with a catalyst  system that combines high fluidity (MFR 75) with an animal-derivative free, extractable  minimising additive package. Developed for use in healthcare applications in which the  combination of high fluidity and HC-appropriate production/additives are necessary, this  new grade is ideally suited for application in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) plates,  multi-well titre plates, pipette tips, and more.

Borealis & Nexeo Solutions: long-standing partnership for mutual growth
The two companies announced their new North American cooperation in October 2012 with  the goal of providing targeted, value-added solutions to medical device manufacturing and  processing customers in North America. “Our cooperation in North America extends and builds upon the long-standing partnership we have had in Europe for some time now,” explains Jim Harris, Vice President Product  Management – Plastics at Nexeo Solutions, LLC. “Since 2012, our shared aim has been to deliver premium products and service levels to the healthcare community in North America. By cooperating at a local level we are able to deliver not only the innovative new products which  match the needs of our North American customers, but deliver on our ambitious plans for shared growth.”

In addition to the supply security of Bormed grades ensured by Nexeo’s distribution network, other joint activities that serve to signal commitment to the North American market include: alignment of marketing activities, joint visits to customers and trade partners, exchange of  innovation expertise, and joint presence at trade shows. Pharmapack North America 2014   follows on the heels of a second appearance at another major U.S. event for the medical  device industry, MD&M West.

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