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Borealis launches BorPure family organoleptic PEs for bottle …..

New BorPure from Borealis, a leading provider of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, will create new-found opportunities for the beverage industry to develop screw caps with organoleptic performance for bottled water and soft drinks. The pioneering BorPure multimodal high density polyethylene (HDPE) grades fulfil current market trends for an “as bottled” taste without compromising on cap quality, aesthetics or converters’ demands for higher productivity with manufacturing cost reductions.

The grades offer an all-round winning combination of benefits for the converter, for the drinks’ brand owner and for the consumer. BorPure MB6561 designed for still and sparkling water and carbonated soft drinks, MB6562 for carbonated soft drinks, and MB7541 for still water.

Borealis also offers a BorPure polypropylene (PP) grade, BorPure RE450MO. This grade is a unique PP random copolymer with organoleptic properties. It is designed to fulfil the needs of the bottled water, sports and energy drinks market. BorPure RE450MO retains its natural taste of the liquid inside while delivering design possibilities not previously available with existing polyethylene (PE) or PP caps.

The multimodal PE grades have a higher flow than unimodal solutions at similar melt flow rate that significantly improves processing ease and allows converters to lessen holding pressure during injection or compression molding. This creates a more economical process of faster production lowering both energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

The lower holding pressure leads to reduced internal stress that in turn creates a higher level of environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) for the finished caps.

In addition to satisfying brand owners’ demands for organoleptic behaviour, the multimodal BorPure grades offer good low temperature impact strength, good stiffness/impact balance and improved surface aesthetics. As a result, converters can manufacture high-performing closures that not only preserve the brand owner’s beverage but that down gauge material usage, thereby reducing both material cost and final cap weight.

The lower cap-opening torque of Borpure MB6562-based closures ensures consumers can benefit from greater user-friendliness and convenience together with the assurance of the “as bottled” taste of the product.


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