Bericap introduces new lightweight PET bottle closure

Bericap has developed a range of closures for a 26mm neck diameter to support the move towards saving on costs and materials. The new

closure neck weights a mere 1.37g and it is design specifically for PET edible oil bottles.

The inner diameter of the new neck is identical to the previous 29mm diameter, thus eliminating the need for costly modifications of the filling nozzles of the filler and still providing the same flow rate.

After having converted in western Europe their 29/21 neck finish PET bottles into light weighted 26/21 using a full closure range developed and made by Bericap, Cargill, an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, converted in 26/21 lightweight PET neck finish in Brazil.

According to Bericap, the CTC IP 26/13 closures ensure good brand recognition due to a top embossment and are easy to apply on high-speed line. In addition, the new generation closures offer all functionalities expected by consumers, such as tamper evidence with tear-off band, tightness with robust inserted pourer, consumer friendly with hinge and a dripless feature, which helps maintain the bottle clean after several uses.


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