Alok inaugurates technology centre in New Delhi

Alok, formerly, Alok Masterbatches, one of the leading manufacturers of masterbatches (additive used to give colour or impart other properties to plastic products), has inaugurated a technology centre, Alok Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC), in New Delhi, as per Business Standard. The ATIC Lab provides a wide array of testing equipment required to drive innovation in the masterbatch industry. ATIC brings a new standard for creating customised and need-based specialty masterbatches.

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Alok inaugurates technology centre in New Delhi

Vikram Bhadauria, Director Alok, commented, “Affordable solutions do not equate with cutting costs or compromising on quality. It is through innovation and use of technology that we can customise solutions for a better world. People are moving away from low-cost solutions to value based solutions that look at safety and sustainability. We are better positioned than ever before to play a significant part in this journey.” ATIC will be accessible to all customers and suppliers of Alok and the academia – the guiding philosophy behind setting ATIC is to co-create solutions that allow plastics to be safer, sustainable and affordable. Amit Puri, director of international sales and marketing at Alok, said, “ATIC is an opportunity to create novel solutions that address real life needs of our customers.

The centre also welcomes academia and students focussing on polymer studies to use ATIC and challenge the status quo. Alok has committed its seasoned workforce and lab technicians to support these ideas.” While ATIC is a significant investment, the team is positive about creating breakthroughs in polymer industry in the coming years.

With four plants in India and one in Paraguay (South America), Alok has one of the largest additive masterbatch portfolio and the widest range of filler masterbatches. Alok’s industry leading solutions and innovations such as anti-microbial applications, insect control, x-ray detectable plastics continue to contribute to the growing needs of the plastic industry.