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Agr to offer more process improvement services

Agr International Inc, US-based developer and manufacturer of blow molder process management systems as well as on-line testing/quality control devices for plastic containers and similar products,

announced on April 20 that the company will expand its process improvement services with the acquisition of West Analytical Laboratories.

Agr’s process improvement consulting service includes a team of professional consultants that utilize their extensive experience and knowledge accumulated to solve difficult problems such as managing challenging light weight applications and quality issues as well as a myriad of process improvement efforts that lead to improved pack rate, according to the company.

The recent acquisition of West Analytical Laboratories, a full service laboratory specialized in environmental analysis and industrial testing, has further expanded the offerings available at Agr’s analytical testing services, including contaminant identification, non-volatile residue content and identification, qualitative ID of polymer and surfactants, glue content of PET, solvent extraction and quantification, ash content (loss on ignition), plastic additive profiling and lube analysis.

These tests are performed at Agr’s fully equipped and ISO 17025 accredited analytical testing laboratory, located in Ohio of the US.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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