Agr International highlights CrystalView system for PET bottle production management

At K 2016, Agr International will highlight its CrystalView system for managing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle crystallinity and the Automated Laboratory Test Cell for bottle quality management.

Agr International offers a number of products that are designed to aid bottle manufacturers achieve light weighting goals while maintaining high quality.
CrystalView material optimization system is the latest enhancement to the Process Pilot product line. It provides PET bottle manufacturers with the means for automatic management of material orientation/crystallinity.Its Process Pilot automated blow molder management system is designed to help PET bottle manufacturers measure, control and optimize their bottle blowing process. It interfaces with the blow molder to provide precise material thickness distribution on a per bottle basis while managing the blow molder to eliminate the effect of process and environmental variables that impact bottle material distribution throughout the production cycle.

The CrystalView system works in conjunction with the Agr Process Pilot blow molder management system to simultaneously manage material distribution and optimize material orientation. By doing so, material orientation is optimized over the entire bottle, making it possible to produce the best possible bottles at the coldest practical processing temperature, introduced the company.

Agr International will also unveil its Automated Laboratory Test Cell for plastic bottles and preforms. It provides an automated solution that integrates multiple testing operations, including thickness, dimensional, topload, volume and pressure, with a precision pick and place industrial robot. Selection, handling and transfer of samples through the multiple test stations is fully optimized and performed quickly and efficiently by the multi-axis robot.

Test results from each testing station are compiled with data correlated by sample and consolidated in a single test report. The laboratory test cell offers a solution to meeting the challenges of over-worked testing labs and the ever increasing demand for sampling and testing to manage quality and support ongoing production, explained Agr International.

In addition to organizing and consolidating critical testing operations in one compact area, the system offers a number of benefits including hands-free, walk-away operation, efficient management of samples, testing operations and documentation of results, and, most significantly, an improvement in testing throughput of as much as 300%.