Published On: Wed, Apr 29th, 2015

PLAST 2015 and EXPO 2015: plastic too has a role to play in Feeding the Planet.

Innovation, safety and sustainability in plastic food packaging.

In developing countries, nearly 50% of foods are lost during transport to distributors, and thus before making it to the consumer’s table. Thanks to the transportation and packaging systems used in industrialized countries, this loss is reduced to 10%. This consideration conveys the great potential applications for plastic food packaging, enhancing food preservation and allowing for more effective and efficient distribution.

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PLAST 2015 and EXPO 2015: plastic too has a role to play in Feeding the Planet.

Furthermore, food safety is an increasingly relevant issue throughout the most advanced countries. The polymers used in food packaging are at the cutting edge of technological development, offering characteristics that enhance food preservation.

These highly relevant and current issues will be discussed in a dedicated convention organized by Federchimica/PlasticsEurope Italia, in collaboration with Assocomaplast, Federazione Gomma Plastica and Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, on 8 May at PLAST (10.00 a.m. – Conference Centre – Room Taurus), the International Plastics and Rubber Fair taking place this coming 5 to 9 May at Fiera Milano. Coinciding with and just a short walk from EXPO 2015, which will address the crucial theme of global food and nutrition with over 140 of the world’s countries, PLAST will welcome to the convention Elvira Cecere of the Italian Ministry of Health, Maria Rosaria Milana of the Italian National Institute of Health, and industrial representatives to talk about functional barrier packaging, smart packaging, use of recycled plastics in contact with foods, and much more.