Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2013

How one plastic packaging firm improved efficiency and saved space

How one plastic packaging firm improved efficiency and saved space

How one plastic packaging firm improved efficiency and saved space

Phase 3 Plastics of Southampton have improved production efficiency with the acquisition of a Ridat 8040AVF automatic vacuum forming machine. Prior to commissioning the machine in June, manufacturer Ridat made a variety of customisations to the machine to fulfil Phase 3’s requirements, from the overall size of the machine to its colour.

Phase 3 Plastics needed a machine with a large forming area, however, the available space within their facility could only accommodate a small machine footprint. Ridat were the only manufacturer approached by Phase 3 who could meet their requirements.  The 8040AVF machine was reduced to 4740mm x 1144mm overall size, compared with other machines that required 4740mm x 2070mm, a space saving of over 40% without the need to sacrifice the forming size of the 2000mm x 1540mm.

The goal for Terry Lucas, Managing Director of Phase 3 Plastics, was to improve production efficiency, he said “Ridat have been exceptionally flexible in their approach to this project, the adjustments they made to the machine enabled us to streamline our manufacturing process. The size of the machine was a major consideration, having found a solution we discussed how the machine would fit within our existing production process to give us complete in-line manufacturing.

Ridat, unlike other equipment OEM’s we spoke to, were are able to change the configuration of the machine to run right to left and utilise the same narrow web material as our other machines. We wanted to be able to run the machine continuously using a roll of film which Ridat accommodated by adding a pneumatic lifter to the end of the machine. These customisations have significantly boosted our ability to manufacture medical devices efficiently. The Ridat machine has fulfilled our requirements where others could not; irrespective of the significant customisations the machine was still within our budget, Ridat even painted the machine white to match our other equipment.”

The Ridat 8040AVF boasts special features including a clamping system for materials up to 12mm thick. It has top and bottom heating with a closed loop digital heating control system providing accurate zone temperature control. Many of the features included as standard are automatic sag control, photo-electric safety curtain, quick cooling of formed product, bubble facility, quick mould changes and finally user friendly micro-processor system that assists with fault faulting.

Phase 3 Plastics also added a Ridat 276RCP Roller Cutting Press to their order. This also required customising by way of increasing the daylight between the pressure rollers from 150mm to 200mm. Ridat’s Managing Director Dipak Sen Gupta said, “we are delighted to have helped Phase 3 Plastics achieve their goal. Our 40 years of experience has led us to understand what customers want and be at the cutting-edge of developing new features to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Our broad range of high specification, durable machines being offered at affordable prices is a key reason for our customers returning to Ridat again and again.”