Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Filter Drawer feature on Conair’s receivers allows easy maintenance

Filter Drawer feature on Conair's receivers allows easy maintenance

Filter Drawer feature on Conair's receivers allows easy maintenance

The Conair Group introduces a new Filter Drawer feature on its DuraLoad vacuum receivers, eliminating the need to remove the receiver lid to perform routine screen inspection and maintenance.

Instead, a slim module, which can be fitted between the lid and the body of the receiver, features a slide-out drawer containing the filter-screen disc. To check, clean or replace the filter, Conair says users simply need to open the two tool-free twist clamps and pull out the drawer.

“With most receivers,” says Ray Kelly, Conveying Product Manager, “the entire lid needs to be lifted off the body in order to expose the filter. It doesn’t weigh much, but it does require two hands, and when the receiver is mounted on top of a molding machine, blender or dryer, it can be quite cumbersome. Several trips up and down a ladder can be needed to complete a relatively simple task. With the Conair Filter Drawer, one person can do the job quickly and easily.”

The Filter Drawer adds only 3.5″ (89mm) to the installed height of the receiver and is available in all DuraLoad diameters. Conair recommends it to processors who do not make frequent material changes but who want an easy way to check their filter screen. It is also ideal for installations where ceiling height makes it more difficult to remove receiver lids, or applications that require frequent screen changes.

The Filter Drawer is available in stainless steel and in a special high-temperature version for when dried material is being conveyed at temperatures up to 350°F (171°C), adds the auxiliary equipment supplier.