Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2012

Fanuc demonstrated two-component technology and automated manufacturing cells

At Fakuma, Fanuc Robomachine Deutschland GmbH exhibited three electric Roboshot injection molding machines that are in line with the rising trend of electric machines.

Fanuc demonstrated two-component technology and automated manufacturing cells

Fanuc demonstrated two-component technology and automated manufacturing cells

On a Fanuc Roboshot S-2000i-30B with 300kN clamping force, micro parts, tiny cog wheels for watch movements, were being produced. A six-axis robot, Fanuc LR Mate 200iC, including a visual inspection system supplied by systems partner Robotec, removes and deposits the finished components. Not only 100% visual inspection of both sides of the parts can be achieved. The components have a consistent parts weight of 0.004g POM, accurate product dimensions with outer diameter 3.2mm and shaft diameter 0.3mm. They also weights within the range of tolerance, +/-0.2%.

The coordinated cooperation with Mold-Masters Europa GmbH proves to be flexible and economic in conjunction with two-component applications. A Fanuc Roboshot S-2000i-50B with 500kN clamping force, operating with an E-Multi as second injection unit, is complemented with an integrated rotary drive and a flexible injection unit support. The two-component mold, supplied by Polar-Form Werkzeugbau GmbH of Germany, produced ice scrapers in PS and TPV. Part extraction and printing were accomplished by a Fanuc industrial robot in the manufacturing cell designed by systems partner Martinc Mechanic.

Also at the stand was the new Fanuc Roboshot Alpha-S-100iA. New integrated and synchronized material supply into the IMM feed zone ensures optimum material venting, says Fanuc. Bicycle helmet components for inside diameter setting were made in POM in a two-cavity mold supplied by DHG Knauer. Part shot weight is 24.3g. A linear handling unit incorporating Fanuc servo drives, supplied by Hi Tech Automation, extracted the finished parts. Products such as these must adhere to stringent safety standards, which require high process stability and reliability. Fanuc emphasizes that its fully electric machine complies with these requirements.

“These three applications show a cross section through the Fanuc Roboshot performance,” says Sales Manager Rainer Zerr, “with energy recovery control, stable repeatability and process security, Precise Metering Control – PMC 2 and 3 – and Backflow Monitor as well as the efficient AI mold protection. Last but not least, we demonstrate together with our systems partners, economic and technical competence in the areas of two-component injection molding and manufacturing cells with high flexibility.”

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