Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

Buskerdoo expands reduce and reuse recycling program

Buskerdoo expands reduce and reuse recycling program

Buskerdoo expands reduce and reuse recycling program

HUNTSVILLE : Buskerdoo LLC has announced that it will expand its packaging reduce and reuse program in 2013. The company reuses fifty percent of the packaging received from outside vendors. The plans for 2013 are to increase the reuse to 70% and include received bubble wrap, air pillows, and Styrofoam peanuts.

Company management states the reuse program started off as a way to save money and reduce thrown away packaging. The cost to reuse packaging ends up being about the same as buying new corrugate and cushion material but the desire to reduce waste in landfills outweighs the cost issue. Buskerdoo specializes in short run CD/DVD duplication, printed sleeves, and CD/DVD packing for small bands, photographers, and churches.

Six years ago Buskerdoo LLC started reusing corrugated packaging by cutting it up to reuse as outgoing product container filler and cushioning. That program has grown by adopting other environmentally friendly measures including recycling received corrugate stock and using recycled paper for cushioning. Philip Busk said, “We’ve been doing our part to help the environment and now want to do a little more. We will ship some of our product out in reused boxes when it is in good enough shape to protect the product.” Corrugate has to be able to protect the contents or is used as out corrugate for multiple internal boxes.

Busk goes on to say, “we are starting to receive more inventories shipped to us with plastic wrap, plastic pillows, or Styrofoam peanuts as packing material. These are harder for us to store and reuse but I hate seeing them thrown out so we are going to start reusing these too.” According to the Recycling Association the world creates about 1,600 pounds of trash per person every year. Buskerdoo feels that every little bit of trash kept out of the dumpster and ultimately a landfill helps make the world a better place.

In business since 2002, the company started by offering white CD/DVD sleeves, mailers, and labels. In 2008 the company expanded its offering with printed sleeves and mailers. The company caters to individuals producing 100-5000 discs, small bands, videographers, artists, churches, and photographers. Buskerdoo has been supplying churches, bands, photographers, and artists with CD duplication, sleeve printing, CD/DVD labels, sleeves, and mailers since 2002. The company specializes in CD/DVD duplication, printed sleeve packaging, and packing supplies for photographers.