Residential curbside recycling moved closer to reality when borough council unanimously awarded a $9,900 contract to Suburban Waste

for once-weekly collection, beginning in January.

According to borough Solicitor Gary Seflin, bid specifications called for collection on Fridays.

The contract is for residential collection only. However, Seflin said Suburban is required to pick up recyclables from the municipal building, Reinl Recreation Center and Aldan Elementary School if the buildings wish to participate in the program.

The borough has received a $24,995 state grant to pay for start-up costs, including advertising, educational materials for residents and a bin to hold glass, plastics, aluminum and paper.

Councilwoman Terry Owen, who chairs the Public Health Committee, said removing recyclables from the regular trash stream means significant savings for the borough. She noted last year it paid $55,000 to the county solid waste authority, in addition to hauler fees.

She said the recycling collection igloos at the shopping center will remain, as will monthly aluminum can collection at Aldan Union Church, a fundraiser conducted by the Boy Scout troop that meets there.

A $22,000 state grant is helping to fund the borough’s project to replace its red and green traffic signals with LED bulbs. Because LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer, the borough expects a sizeable savings in the current $100 per hour cost of replacing burned-out bulbs.

“It’s just another step forward in Aldan going green,” said council President Harry Short.


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