Yoga collection made from recycled ocean plastic

While many think of doing their bit for the nature conservation, not many are able to hatch it.

However, there are a selected few who are able to keep their words and prove to the world that a little intention can start the chain. One such example is the sportswear giant, Adidas.

Adidas has launched a yoga wear collection which is made up from recycled ocean plastic. The new collection is the third range of products that are infused with recycled materials.

An estimated 80 percent of marine debris in the world’s oceans is made up of plastic, according to The Independent.

The German brand collaborated with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental initiative, and Wanderlust, a yoga lifestyle brand to launch the entire range.

Collaborating with Wanderlust, a yoga lifestyle brand, and Parley for the Oceans, an environmental initiative, the German brand has launched an entire range infused with recycled materials.

The 42-piece collection is inspired by graphic prints and pastel palette of muted greys, blues, and blacks.

The collection features items such as crop tops, leggings, shorts, onesies, bomber jackets, gym bags, and trainers.

Source : business-standard