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Wittmann Battenfeld puts machinery where its mouth is to help train tomorrow’s plastics workers

Training and educational sites in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, and California have all taken delivery of

machinery, equipment and training resources supplied by Wittmann Battenfeld in 2011, as part of that company’s efforts to help train tomorrow’s plastics workers.

“It’s an important part of who we are as a company,” David Preusse, president of Wittmann Battenfeld U.S.A. said in a release. “It allows us to provide valuable assistance to colleges and university programs that specialize in plastics engineering, and helps them train the next generation of our industry’s work force.”

This year that initiative is on display across the U.S.:

Nypro University (Clinton, MA) – this fall, Wittmann Battenfeld donated a brand new 45-ton ServoPower injectionmolding machine integrated with a robot, along with a temperature control unit and dryer. Nypro will use the Wittmann Battenfeld machinery as part of its RJG Master Molding Class, as well as to train its staff, customers, OEM’s and other molding professionals.

University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie, WI) – The University of Wisconsin-Stout took delivery of a brand new Wittmann Battenfeld EcoPower 55-ton all-electric injection molding machine, along with a Tempro Plus C Series temperature control unit and a Drymax E30 material dryer, at its Jarvis Hall Technical Center in August. The machine and auxiliary equipment will be used to support the university’s B.S. in Plastics Engineering program, and the workcell was demonstrated at the recent RJG Decoupled Molding Workshop, co-sponsored by Norstech Plastics.

Ferris State University
(Grand Rapids, MI) has seen a 2006 robot donation for basic training purposes and an elective course turn into a full-time molding and automation course as part of the college’s regular curriculum over the last five years. The course, supported with a W821 robot and complete training materials from Wittmann Battenfeld, has become extremely popular and already has three sold-out classes for next semester.  Ferris State has one of the country’s largest plastics engineering programs.

Cerritos College
(Norwalk, CA) – Located in Southern, Cerritos is the only community college in California that offers specialty certificates and full degrees in plastics. This fall, as part of its development of a ‘Plastics Applied Technology Center’, Cerritos will take delivery of a new Wittmann Battenfeld workcell that includes a ServoMotion 65/210Wittmann Battenfeld injection molding machine, a W811 Wittmann robot, Drymax D30-50 PDC, Tempro Basic 200, 2-ton Coolmax chiller, Granulator MAS1, and S3 stand alone material loader. This workcell will be used by students, faculty and working professionals to advance their studies and skills.


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