Top firms collaborate for plastic food packaging solution

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), Equate Petrochemical Company, Americana – Meat Cluster and Plastic Industries Company (PIC) recently celebrated their collaboration for an advanced solution in plastic food packaging.

KFAS is a private non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the progress and advancement of science and technology.

Plastic Raw Material

Top firms collaborate for plastic food packaging solution

The collaboration involved a partnership among KFAS, Equate, Americana –Meat Cluster and PIC, a local plastic manufacturer, to devise an optimal solution in plastic food packaging. The solution was developed based on plastic raw material production, film conversion and food packaging, said a statement.

The results included developing and enhancing the food packaging plastic properties through Equate’s Research and Development (R&D) Centre.

KFAS director general Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin, said: “KFAS believes that innovation and R&D are essential for the growth of the private sector’s scientific and technical capacities that are needed to build a knowledge economy.”

“KFAS established programmes to help companies achieve such capacities. We have been utilising our contacts with local, regional and international entities to find the best technology and knowledge providers that can assist the companies in identifying the technology suitable for their businesses,” he said.

“Last year we introduced both Equate and Americana to the German Institutes in hope that they find new technologies that can be of value to both companies individually. Furthermore we co-funded feasibility studies for both companies,” he added.

Equate president and CEO Mohammad Husain, said: “Diversification is critical for our economy and we consider it a real opportunity for success. In order to achieve success, we need very robust collaboration within a framework of innovation-based partnership.”

“This collaboration is a milestone for us as it promotes the overall sense of ownership. We really appreciate KFAS for being the catalyst that enabled all participating entities to achieve their final goal,” he said.

“This collaboration should not stop as it is an embodiment of our slogan ‘Partners in Success.’ This is in line with our company’s constant drive to develop differentiated products and solutions to advance the local industry and support its growth. Our real story is to be told and used as a power for more achievements,” he added.

Americana – Meat Cluster CEO Mohamed Mahrous Awad, said: “Americana being the Regional leading food brand for the last six decades, through understanding the market needs and using the state-of-art technology, has achieved various milestones through product innovation, offering the market different products and solutions that makes life of our consumers better.”

“Our collaboration with the technical and industrial experts like Equate and PIC, through the scientific platform of KFAS, merging their solid scientific and technical experience with our practical and technical industrial environment would only lead to the best quality solutions benefitting the industry, environment and the society,” he said.

PIC general manager Hasan Jaber, said: “Our company is excited to announce the successful completion of the Americana collaboration with KFAS and Equate for the plastic food packaging application.”

“This significant achievement was made possible on a foundation of trust and a strong commitment to the project’s success, as well as the technical and processing guidance from all sides,” he concluded.