Think Plastic Brazil is a brand new International Export Plastic

Think Plastic Brazil is a brand new International Export Plastic
Think Plastic Brazil is a brand new International Export Plastic
Think Plastic Brazil is a brand new International Export Plastic

Aiming to strengthen Brazilian companies from the plastics industry and promote the differentials Program, the Export Plastic did a great brand repositioning, beginning with the name. Now the program is called Think Plastic Brazil, which will expand internationally exporting country’s identity as one of the major players in the world and its competitive advantages in manufacturing plastic world.

To conduct the work, the INP chose GadLippincott, an international brand consultancy focused on developing strategies of identity. In the first step an interview was conducted with key audiences that were related to the old brand Export Plastic from managers and associates to international buyers and other stakeholders. We identified their perceptions about the industry, the market and the Program and subsequently created a chart of the new brand values.

Through a rigid methodology, we performed a large screening and came to the conclusion that the name needed to identify the supply chain and the country more obvious. It was necessary to define a unique positioning, aligned with competitive possibilities of the plastic industry. Adopted was thus a route to the foreign importer of solutions, which includes the product mix, adaptability, and innovation of the services associated with it.

Product Mix, Flexibility Solution.

That said, it was necessary to have an easy pronunciation, mainly in English. In the final frame, identified seven names. Think Plastic Brazil was chosen to carry a perception provocative, suggesting Brazil as a player to be considered. A brand which is characterized differently in the segment. The old name [Export Plastic] only made sense for Brazilians and not exported abroad.

With the new proposal, now the premise that there is an integration between Brazil and the world. “We want other countries to see our nation as a competitive player when faced with the name. The brand is a voice, suggests to the world that, when thinking plastic, think of Brazil as a strong industry that owes nothing to the world’s leading suppliers, “explains Mark Wydra, executive manager of the Program.

Plan of Action

The new concept involves Think Plastic Brazil since the internal audience to associate each particular niche. Searching translate the content in communication branding strategies to all stakeholders. Facing this new visibility, the diversity of products offered by the industry is even more exposed. “Remarkable that all links in the chain of transformation envisaged by the program,” said Fonseca Nivalda, specialist in Marketing and Communication.

In his opinion, the brand also shows in its extensive use option, openness to new ideas, adapting to customer needs and seeks to value the concept of sustainability, encouraging the commitment of industry to impacts of its activities to the economy, the middle environment and society. In short, the concept beyond, “Go Beyond” is the keynote of this change. As of now, the transition between the old and the new brand will begin to happen and very soon all audiences will just live with Plastic Think Brazil.

Think Plastic Dynamism mark Brazil in 2013

The Think Plastic treads Brazil in 2013 with the willingness to not only continue the work of business promotion, business intelligence and training that marks the program since its inception. It is precisely in the year that celebrates 10 years of activity the team led by Marco Wydra to print a pace even faster actions to assist members in achieving and maintaining the external market.

In retrospect, Marco sees 2012 as a year of great accomplishments, “renew the agreement with Apex-Brazil, opened the department of Commercial Intelligence, customizamos projects and renew our brand.” This effort yielded more than $ 5 million in business in the covenant 2010-2012, but all indications are that this number will increase. “In 2013, we will have an agenda even more intense with the launch of our new brand, strengthening the area of ​​intelligence, development of customized projects, participation in the Confederations Cup and Indy in São Paulo, in addition to planning our participation in the project FIFA World Cup 2014, “he explains.

The work begins with the launch campaign of the brand Think Plastic Brazil. “The expectation is that the evolution obtained over these 10 years of activity is well communicated in the new brand positioning, showing maturity and contributing to the growth of Brazilian exports of processed plastics,” he says. Throughout the year, new forms of communication with the public and international associates will also be augmented with reinforcements to trade promotion activities, training and intelligence.

Traditionally, the program resumes overseas presence early in the year, with the participation as exhibitors at fairs Ambiente, 15-19 February, in Germany, and Home & Housewares, 2-5 March. In view of Gilberto Agrello, Specialist Development Programme Market for Rigid Packaging and UD, the two fairs provide excellent opportunities for the sector is to equip business contacts to develop throughout the year. Back in May, the program held a Buyer Project at UD area in the Formula Indy, this time with 21 buyers in the Americas, Europe and Africa. “These actions will support planning for export enterprises and contribute directly to the fulfillment of their export targets,” notes Gilbert. Projects in the area of Packaging Buyers will also be held in the first half, at events to be defined, and will complement the agenda.

Consequently, in 2013 the Brazilians will have more chances to show why plastics have changed their position to meet international demand. “Brazil is seen as a market opportunity and, therefore, enterprises should ‘take this’ wave and pursue their results,” punctuates Agrello. The Specialist Program for Flexible Packaging, Cristina Sacramento, has similar vision. “With the new possibilities and the Intelligence area we can work together to map, understand and access contacts in this industry as diverse flexible,” he says. For her, it is time to seize the opportunities to exchange best scenario that presents itself. The appreciation of the dollar, giving more impetus to exporters, is the first sign that 2013 may replace the sector on the path of expansion.