Thai Acrylic Fibre and Sanitized AG form alliance for co-branding

Thai Acrylic Fibre and Sanitized AG form alliance for co-branding
Thai Acrylic Fibre and Sanitized AG form alliance for co-branding
Thai Acrylic Fibre and Sanitized AG form alliance for co-branding

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd (TAF) and Sanitized AG announce the signing of a co-branding agreement and licensing program for Amicor fibers. Presented under the slogan “Breathe easily and relax”, Amicor will unveil its new Biocidals Product Directive (BPD) compliant fibers and yarns at Heimtextil 2013 in Frankfurt, January 9-12, 2013.

Sanitized is a Swiss producer of antimicrobial hygiene products and material protection for textiles and plastics while Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd (TAF) is a Thai company which operates acrylic fiber business belonging to the Aditya Birla Group. According to the press material jointly released by both companies, the new alliance covers the co-branding of future product developments using Amicor fibers and yarns and the Sanitized hygiene function.

“Innovation has always been the trademark of the Amicor brand, as has our strong emphasis on human and environmental safety,” said Ambrish Maheshwari, CEO of the Acrylic Fibres Business of Aditya Birla Group. Urs Stalder, CEO of Sanitized AG, added: “Both Sanitized AG and Thai Acrylic Fibre believe this alliance will strengthen our respective product offering in addition to opening up new markets. From a geographical perspective, each company offers market opportunities through their strong and complimentary market presence.”

Under the new agreement, Sanitized antimicrobial hygiene function is built-in to all Amicor fibers. Applications include mattresses and bedding, carpets and soft furnishings, hospital and healthcare uniforms, innerwear and sportswear, socks, towels and wipes. As a non-topical application, there is minimal loss of the hygiene function additive to the environment during manufacture, during yarn and fabric processing, dyeing and finishing and in final consumer use and laundering. In addition to BPD compliance, Amicor fibers feature OEKO-TEX Class 1 certification.


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