Tetra Pak has achieved a significant milestone towards its goal of producing 100% renewable packaging with Nestle Brazil’s launch of two

popular milks brands in carton packaging featuring caps made with green polyethylene (PE).

The first ever use of plant-based polyethylene in carton packaging further strengthens Tetra Pak’s renewability credentials, nudging still higher the average 73% of renewable material used to manufacture the company’s broad portfolio. Over time, as the company increasingly adopts plant-based plastics, it expects to be able to offer a carton range that is 100% renewable. The green polyethylene has been developed by Braskem, Brazil’s largest petrochemical company, and is made out of sugar cane derivatives, which are polymerized in plastics for cap production.

“This is a key step in our renewability journey,” said Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson. “Our cartons already have an excellent renewable material profile; now, with the introduction of caps using green polyethylene and our commitment to extend its use to other plastic components, the concept of a 100% renewable carton is becoming a reality.”


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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