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Teijin supports TIFF with recycled material to produce Green Carpet

For the fourth consecutive year, Teijin Limited has produced Green Carpet made of recycled PET bottles for the Tokyo International Film

Festival (TIFF), which will be held from October 22-30, the company said in a press release on September 21.

The Green Carpet is made entirely of Teijin Fibers’ Ecopet recycled polyester fiber produced from post consumer PET bottles, it said. A total of 1,600m x 90cm carpet material will be used, equivalent to about 23,000 recycled half-liter PET bottles. One of the green carpets will replace the conventional red carpet at the opening ceremony in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills complex.

The material will also be used to produce Green Pen Cases, a gift to customers of Toei Subway and to people who will attend a TIFF special screening on October 25 in Sendai.

Other items for TIFF, including Green Ties, “Greenchief” handkerchiefs and Green Ribbons for guests, as well as jackets for festival staffers, are made of Teijin’s Eco Circle fibers. This material is recycled from used polyester products and is said to offer the same quality as those made of petroleum-based plastics.

TIFF has been using Teijin’s Green Carpet since 2008.


Source : www.adsalecprj.com

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