Successful ENGEL viper range expanded

ENGEL AUSTRIA has expanded its ENGEL viper linear robot series once again at Fakuma 2012. The ENGEL viper 120 with a nominal load-bearing capacity of 120 kg is the largest linear robot in its competitive field.

Successful ENGEL viper range expanded
Successful ENGEL viper range expanded

Now available in seven sizes (from a nominal load-bearing capacity of 6 kg upwards), the linear robots in ENGEL’s current viper generation are ideally suited to automation tasks in the injection moulding field whilst also ensuring very high clamping forces. With a mould take-off stroke of 3000 mm and a reach of 3550 mm, the ENGEL viper 120 is reaching new heights in linear robotics.  Maximum stability, dynamism and ease of use combined with lightness are the characteristics shared by viper robots in all size groups.

An innovative design that utilises laser-welded steel sections has kept the dead weight of the robots low, enabling the load-bearing capacity to be raised.

Opening up potential for even greater efficiency
Smart software packages reduce the structure-borne vibration of the robots – even with longer axis dimensions – and optimise their movement and dynamic values resulting in enhanced efficiency. The viper robots therefore make a crucial contribution towards the reduction of cycle times and the increase of productivity for a range of applications, whilst also demonstrating their high level of energy efficiency.

Since ENGEL supplies both injection moulding machines and robots from a single source, full integration of the two control environments is guaranteed. This ensures that the robots remain easy to use, even for complex applications, and also increases the availability of the manufacturing cell as the operators can independently perform many tasks for which a programmer would previously have been required. The robots can optionally be supplied with an independent control unit and can then cooperate with injection moulding machines by any vendor via a Euromap 67 interface.

Delivery times cut
ENGEL viper robots can be ordered in conjunction with ENGEL injection moulding machines – yet their high performance and efficiency also make them ideal for replacing old equipment and operating injection moulding machines of other brands. No wonder ENGEL has significantly increased its sales and market shares in the linear robotics range since introducing the ENGEL viper series at Fakuma 2009. In order to continue to meet this growing demand in future, ENGEL introduced synchronised line assembly in its robotics factory in Dietach/Austria earlier this year. ENGEL is therefore in a position to achieve short delivery times for the ENGEL viper linear robot and integrated system solutions, despite full order books.

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