Sidel introduces ISBM-type HDPE bottle to fresh food market

Packaging solution provider Sidel has announced its introduction of the ISBM-type (injectionstretching-blowmolding) HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to the packaging industry – its latest progress on environment-friendly plastics bottle making.



The company claims that diary products manufacturers who already use EBM-type (extrusion-blow molding) HDPE to package their products can switch to the ISBM-type for better results.

Sidel’s new SafeSense HDPE bottle, produced with ISBM technology, is 20% lighter on average than EBM-type HDPE bottle, while retaining the same mechanical characteristics. The average weight of a 1-liter ISBM-type HDPE bottle is about 22g to 28g while that of an EBM-type weighs about 28g to 35g.

SafeSense also ensures complete air-tightness of the bottle even when it is laid on its side in a refrigerator. In addition, the bottle, with an HDPE-injected cap instead of an aluminum sealing lid, offers a single-material package, which is a significant edge as for recycling.


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