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Olympics seek assurances that PVC will be recycled

Suppliers of PVC fabrics for temporary use in the construction of the 2012 Olympic Games site will have to provide “sustainable” credentials and meet other environmental criteria.

The Olympic Delivery Authority and the London Organising Committee want to extend the sustainable sourcing they have agreed with suppliers of timber, aggregates and concrete to the PVC tensile fabrics and membranes needed to “wrap” temporary buildings such as the basketball arena, and the temporary element of permanent buildings such as the Olympic stadium.
     A statement issued today says: “The Olympic Board have agreed a policy which sets out stringent specifications for the manufacturing, use and disposal of PVC fabrics where this is considered the most appropriate material available for a specific use.”
     This includes working with suppliers to achieve an aspiration for recycled content, avoidance of phthalate plasticisers, and seeking guarantees from PVC suppliers or manufacturers for “take back” systems to ensure that the PVC will be re-used or recycled after 2012.


Source: britishplastics.co.uk

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