Recycling Management Resources (RMR), a Raleigh, N.C.-based recycling company, will be opening its third recycling facility in High Point, N.C., in February. The company, which began in January 2008, also has recycling facilities in Louisville, Ky., and Raleigh.

The company says it expects to invest more than $1 million in capital equipment and infrastructure at its newest facility. Equipment being installed at the new facility includes a two-ram baler, a conveyor system and a shredder. The High Point facility measures 52,000 square feet and will be known as RMR Central Carolina.
The location is designed to extend RMR’s business to reach more companies in the central part of the state.
Mitch Whitley, a company owner, says that while RMR is focusing on the processing of paper and paperboard products, it also will handle plastics and some metals, primarily those included in packaging materials. He says he expects to start with 10 employees at the new site, though that number will grow as the company increases its business.
Whitley says the new facility seeks to process from 4,500 to 5,000 tons of recyclables per month.


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