News of plastic industry
News of plastic industry
News of plastic industry

Our lives are unthinkable without plastics and the global plastic industry. The plastic industry is going on contributing immensely to the international business world. This is due to the fact that the use of plastics has become an essential part of all major industries in all over the world. No industry is there or no such arena of our lives is there where plastics are not in use. Plastics are widely in use everywhere – be it home, be it office, be it school or be it hospital. The plastic industry has taken over almost all other prime global industries with the plastic products, plastic jobs and plastic industry news.

The plastic industry, which is the third chief industry in the United States of America, is dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic materials and plastic products. It also provides various services to a wide array of industries. Most important of these industries are packaging, aerospace, electronics and construction. This industry also includes recycling as one of its key services. Something or the other is always happening in the world of plastics and the news of these happenings ranges extensively from information on company mergers to news about latest plastic jobs.

Some of the freshest news on plastic industry:

  • The year 2014 began in Turkey with grave concerns related to the supply of materials for the plastic industry. However, a rise in the price of American dollar compared to Turkish lira diminished the growing concerns. This report has been published in accordance with the ChemOrbis Price Index. Petkim, the leading plastic manufacturer of Turkey, has offered a discount of 25 US dollars per ton in the latter half of January. The plastic market in Turkey depends now on China and the deciding factor has become the decision of China on buying and selling of the plastics.
  • The bid from Indian Oil Corporation to buy the share of West Bengal Government, in Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd, may not turn fruitful. A senior PTI official has commented on this. WBIODC OF West Bengal was contacted by IOC for a talk on the present situation at HPL. However, Amit Mitra (the Finance, Commerce & Industries Minister of West Bengal) has not replied yet. Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. is running on loss on a continuous basis and an immediate step is needed to be taken. The bid is thus proving to be unfruitful.
  • The profits of the Brazilian petrochemical company are running losses due to the lowering of the prices of natural gas in the United States. This lowering of costs has brought profits in exports in the United States. The prices in the international market have also decreased due to this lowering of costs.
  • There can be revolutionary change in the materials of plastic products used at homes with the invention of the innovative dynamic materials. According to the invention, the plastics that are self healing and paints that are washable could be used in homes. Jianjun Cheng, (professor of engineering and materials science), along with Hanze Ying, (graduate student) have issued their invention in Nature Communications journal. Both are from the University of Illinois.

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