New spectrophotometer enables accurate color measurement for QC

Datacolor, a global color management solutions provider introduced on December 19 a new accurate handheld spectrophotometer with

integrated gloss measurement, Datacolor 45G.

According to its press release, the device can evaluate colors of painted surfaces, plastic parts, package prints, automotive parts, commercial furniture and other manufactured goods. Measurements capture the effect of base color, gloss and texture on overall visual appearance.

Automotive interior components, with varying texture and finish, each manufactured by different vendors need to visually match. Datacolor 45G is said to ensure quality control of multiple components to a close numerical tolerance in order to achieve an overall match in color appearance. Paint and coating applications can benefit from the device as it can detect changes in appearance from both gloss and base color. Appearance changes in plastics injection molded parts due to mold wear can also be measured with the 45G before the changes lead to off-quality production.

“With 45G, product manufacturers can precisely measure and control both color and gloss in a single convenient package,” said Bob Karpowicz, Product Manager, Instruments at Datacolor. “The unique optical design and dynamic calibration algorithm used by 45G results in consistent measurement over time and across multiple 45G units. Manufacturers can benefit tremendously from using the 45G for batch-to-batch quality control. Reliable measurements with 45G can enable a data-driven quality process through the supply chain.”

Features of the Datacolor 45G include:
– Accurate measurement and inter-instrument agreement
– Simultaneous measurement of gloss and color for quality control
– 45/0 optical geometry to correlate with visual appearance
– Modern design with color screen and Bluetooth connectivity
– Easy to read display of multiple Pass/Fail tolerances

Datacolor added that the software on the device enables storage of standards and batches, calculation of colorimetric values, and indication of pass/fail in quality control. The 45G also integrates with the included Datacolor Tools desktop software, synchronizing standards and batch results to generate quality check reports and manage large amounts of measurement data.


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