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New Conair multipass tank for plastic tubing includes vacuum sizing

A new multipass cooling tank and related technologies from Conair now make it possible for producers of plastic tubing to reduce wall-thickness tolerances….


and cut material use dramatically while increasing productivity and reducing floor-space requirements, Conair said in a press release.

With new and innovative OD, ID, and wall-control algorithms, new tension-control devices, and precision puller technology, this new combination vacuum/multi-pass tank technology is reducing commodity tubing tolerances.

※Like any multipass tank, this new unit cuts floor space requirements by sending the tubing along a back-and-forth path through the cooling water, but that’s where the similarity ends,” explained Bob Bessemer, Medical Downstream Extrusion Sales Manager for Conair. “The first thing you notice is that part of the tank is taken up with a vacuum-sizing chamber. Because vacuum sizing is inherently more controllable than air-pressure sizing, Conair has advocated this technology for over 15 years and we’ve demonstrated success in extrusion of flexible PVC, TPE, TPU and PE tubing. By reducing tolerances from ㊣0.127 mm down to ㊣0.076 mm, for instance, processors can save tens of thousands of pounds of material while increasing the amount of product produced. As the industry migrates from PVC to more expensive materials, savings of even a few percent in material use becomes very important.”

Besides using vacuum-sizing, the new MedLine Multipass tank has several other advanced features, each of which contributes further to improved process stability, tighter control of wall thickness, ovality and cut-to-length tolerances.

Because the MedLine MultiPass tank uses vacuum sizing instead of air-pressure in free extrusion, Bessemer also reported that it is less affected by automated downstream functions like cutting to length and coil winding.


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