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NatureWorks doubles Ingeo natural plastic supply availability

NatureWorks LLC, a maker of a broad portfolio of Ingeo brand biopolymers made from plants, not oil, confirmed on July 7 that the Ingeo manufacturing plant in Blair, Nebraska, have successfully installed and commissioned additional equipment allowing the facility to increase production from 70 metric tons to 140 metric tons (approximately 300 million pounds), its full Ingeo design capacity.

NatureWorks’ pursuit of greater capacity at the Blair processing facility is based on steadily increasing Ingeo demand, stemming from the rise in global oil prices, the trend to greater use of renewably resourced materials for consumer products, and from the support of customer projects such as snack food company Frito-Lay’s groundbreaking move toward a fully compostable chip bag.

NatureWorks is also assessing locations for a second processing plant, which may be located in Asia near reliable sources of plant material.



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