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M'laya to replace poly bags with eco-friendly design

Meghalaya is all to replace the use of plastic bags with eco-friendly hand woven bags called “Pla Iew” and “Sla” or leaves. The unrestrained

used of plastic bags has created havoc in the State creating all sort of pollution to the environment besides emission toxic air pollutants.

The efforts to use these bio-degradable bags and leaves came close on the heel to stringent enforcement on the use of plastic bag by the Shillong Municipal Board with Meghalaya Urban Affairs Minister, Ampareen Lyngdonh making a crusade to ensure that the State is free from the menace of plastic .

The once crystal clear River Umkhrah which passes through the heart of Shillong has now become so polluted with dumping of garbage along with plastics which found their way through the various drains. The coloured fishes and aquatic lives live on this river, has become a fairytale these days.

The scenic reservoir of Umiam Lake has become a lucrative business for rack picker and plastic collectors, as all forms of plastics find their way to the lake, only to be collected, sold and transported to Guwahati for recycling purposes. The Urban Affairs Minister, Ampareen Lyngdoh who was encouraged after the recent meeting held at Raitong Building in Shillong on the laws related to the use of Plastic in the country, was determined to implement the plastic law of the Government of India in letter and spirit in Meghalaya.

In an effort to implement the plastic laws, about two trucks of illegal plastic bags were confiscated altogether from various shops in the city following a drive against the sale and use of unauthorized plastic carry bags.

Scared with the strict implementation of the Plastic Laws  coupled with consciousness about the ill effect of the use of plastic bags, the people are seen to relive the good old days by using the traditional hand woven bags called “Pla Iew”. Food items are being preferred to be packed in Leaves called “Sla” as they are clean and environmentally friendly.

While trying to educate the general public on the use of “Pla Iew” and “Sla and strict adherence to the Plastic Laws, the Chief Executive Officer of the Shillong Municipal Board, T. Lyngwa has warned that violators of the laws would have to bear the consequence. He said, those found using illegal plastic carry bags would be fined Rs 100 as prescribed by the law and Rs 500 for the second offence  and imprisonment for those committing more offences.   Lyngwa has also termed the ban on plastic bags as benediction to the environment and the society at large.


Source : www.morungexpress.com

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