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MI introduced a portable,compact and accurate opacity tester

opacity picwssMI  has introduced a portable, compact and accurate opacity tester to check the transparency

and opacity of PVC pipes and various other materials like papers, films, conduit pipes,paints, glass, plastics, cloths, etc. This instrument is a specially designed specimen holder for different material and opacity/transparency values of meters which are displayed on high contrast easy to read LED display with stable and reproducible values. This instrument is mains operated and supplied with standards and accessories. The company also manufacture gloss/brightness/whiteness/light measuring instruments as per customers” specifications.

Mains operated

LED display

For more details,

Mangal Instrumentation,

133,Apna Bazar,Nehru nagar,

New Delhi-110065,

Ph. 65845192,  Fax:29841033;    Website :

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