Mexican firm introduces waterless ‘green technology’ to recycle plastics

Plastics raw materials

SPOKANE (Scrap Monster): Traditional plastic recycling techniques consume large quantities of water. Marco Adame, founder of Mexico-based Ak Inovex has developed a new technique to recycle almost all types of plastics without using water. The new technique will also reduce production costs significantly, as it does not involve processing stages with severe temperature changes.

plastic raw material
Mexican firm introduces waterless ‘green technology’ to recycle plastics

The green technology, as claimed by Ak Inovex, does not require liquids and has the capability to process materials such as styrofoam, polystyrene, PET and ABS using the same set of machinery. The system consumes less energy and takes lesser physical space.

Marco Adame said than the traditional technique of obtaining generating recycled beads involves washing and then grinding plastic containers. However, these types of plastics are hygroscopic. Hence so it has to be dehydrated in order that they can be crystallized; this involves applying heat at 180º C and then cooling the material with water. However, the development of AK Inovex performs all this process without water, so it goes directly to the formation of recycled beads.

According to Ak Inovex, addition of an ecological washing machine for plastics that uses a special biodetergent will reduce the cost of operation even further. Ak Inovex’ collaboration with ALINSA group aims to replace Iye-the substance currently used for washing materials.

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