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LyondellBasell Adds New Lupolen Black Pre-colored Resins to its Family of Grades Used in Rotomolding

Rotterdam, Netherlands – LyondellBasell is extending its range of high-performance Lupolen linear high density polyethylene (HDPE)

resins to address the diversified requirements of customer rotomolding applications. Lupolen 3621 M RM Black and Lupolen 4021 K RM Black HDPE compounds are the latest additions to the company’s recently launched portfolio of resins used in rotomolding.

According to Anna Raquet, LyondellBasell’s Business Development Manager, Industrial Packaging & Rotomolding, “Next to natural, black is the most commonly used color in rotomolding applications. With two new resins in our portfolio, we are well-positioned to address the polymer requirements of the rotomolding industry.” The new pre-colored resins provide customers with excellent cold temperature impact performance and environmental stress cracking resistance. Typical customer applications include industrial fuel tanks, technical parts, and underground waste and sewage systems.


Unmatched mechanical properties
With a combination of good impact/stiffness balance and low temperature impact performance down to -30°C, applications produced with these resins can withstand harsh transport conditions in cold weather. Added Raquet, “Customer trials using the new grades have shown that we’ve been able to retain the excellent mechanical properties of our previously launched rotomolding grades. The grades outperform standard polyethylene resins in terms of environmental stress cracking resistance. Full Notch Creep Test (FNCT) results show that the new Lupolen grades perform better than competitive resins. The new resins can be considered by customers for use in the production of tanks and large containers.”

Rotomolding technology enables the design and production of complex, parts without the use of high pressures typically required in the processing and subsequent welding of final parts in other processes such as blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming.

Reducing the risk of cracks
According to Cees Besems, LyondellBasell’s Technical Manager, Industrial Packaging, the grades’ cold temperature impact performance and resistance to chemicals offer customers long service life potential for final parts. “Based on tests conducted for the institute for constructional engineering in Germany (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), these properties offer the potential to reduce wall thickness and minimize cracks and damages to final parts.”

Both resins are globally available in powder and pellet forms.


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