LOCTITE® EA E-102 High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

LOCTITE° EA E-io2 is a high performance two-part epoxy adhesive that produces a tough, high strength bond and can be used for a wide range of materials like metal, glass, ceramic, wood, many rigid plastics etc.

1.    Fast Flxture                                   2. Longer Working Time
3.   Higher Coverage                           4. Substrate Versallty

High Perfomance Bonding & Potting Applications


Application Method
1.  For maximum bond strengh apply adhesive evenly to both surface to be joined.
2.  Application to the substrates should be made within go minutes. Larger qualities and/or higher temperatures will       reduce this working time.
3.  join the adhesive coated surface and allow to curve at 25 degree C for high strengh.
4.  Keep parts form moving during cure.
Contact pressure is necessary

Ordring Information


Product SKU                                 IDH                                          MRP(Rs.)
1kg                 Resin                           2320521 320
1kg                 Hardener                    2312279 460

5kg                 Resin                           2320524                                        1,490
5kg                 Hardener                   2320065                                         2,060


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