KraussMaffei gears towards Industry 4.0 with intelligent Weekly Timer

KraussMaffei is introducing the Weekly Timer, a new function integrated into its MC6 control system that makes it possible to set the production start during injection molding precisely.

“The MC6 ‘learns’ the boundary conditions of the machine thanks to an intelligent sequence. This tells the control system how long the preheating phase will take, which in turn allows the machine to be ready with pinpoint accuracy,” explained Dr. Reinhard Schiffers, Head of Machine Technology at KraussMaffei.

Injection Moulding Machine
KraussMaffei gears towards Industry 4.0 with intelligent Weekly Timer

The Weekly Timer also responds to changing temperatures (e.g. seasonal changes) or the installation of new plasticizing units and then reconfigures the times immediately and continuously.

The machine operator can define the exact start of production intuitively and without calculations. Inconvenient programming is no longer necessary, sources of error are reduced.

By using the Weekly Timer, machine waiting times are now completely eliminated. This means significant savings potential in energy costs, said KraussMaffei.

“Let’s take an easy calculation example. Even if a GX 650/8100 from KraussMaffei is not yet producing, but has been preheated, it requires energy. If such a machine remains in waiting mode for one hour three times per week, it can incur costs of €450 euros per year. If you calculate this for 20 machines over a 10-year period, you get €110,000 which our customers could save by using Weekly Timer,” according to Schiffers.

KraussMaffei stated that Weekly Timer is an example of the implementation of its Industry 4.0 vision under the umbrella “Plastics 4.0” and bundles it into the three categories: Intelligent Machines, Integrated Production and Interactive Services.