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Injection molder Nypro investing in renewable energy at NC plant

Global contract manufacturer Nypro Inc. will reduce energy usage at its packaging/healthcare facility in North Carolina with a renewable energy installation that will be one of the largest commercial projects of its type in the state.

Renewable energy has become a focus for plastics processors as a way to reduce manufacturing costs. Nypro, based in Clinton, MA, is installing a network of renewable energy sources at its packaging and healthcare injection molding and assembly operation in Mebane, NC. Ted Lapres, president and CEO, Nypro Inc., made the announcement at the Mebane facility on Feb. 4.

According to Paul Kayser, group president of Nypro Packaging, this renewable energy installation will be one of the first major renewable energy investments in the plastics industry and one of the largest such commercial projects in North Carolina. “There are two key elements to our renewable energy project,” said Kayser. “First, we will install a solar farm covering the roof of our 150,000-ft2 facility in Mebane, NC, which will generate a significant portion of the energy required to power the operation. Additionally, we will install wind turbines adjacent to our plant, providing additional energy to power the facility.”

The total investment will exceed seven figures, but Nypro didn’t provide the exact amount. Kayser noted that the initial project is a pilot program to determine the most feasible method of adapting renewable energy to plastics manufacturing. “Our long-term goal is for all of our Nypro Packaging operations to be powered by renewable energy,” he added. Nypro employs about 300 people at the Mebane facility.

Nypro has a long history of sustainability at its facilities. In 1988, Nypro’s Clinton headquarters facility became one of the first plastics companies to adopt a firm policy of sending no waste to a landfill-everything had to be recycled.

Barry Charbonneau, Nypro’s manager for environment and sustainability, said, “We’re very excited to be making these initial investments in solar and wind energy. These projects align with Nypro’s long-term commitment to decrease greenhouse gas emissions through improved operational efficiency and the use of clean, renewable energy sources. These investments are good for Nypro, good for our communities, our environment, and our customers.”

With approximately 15,000 employees, $1.25 billion in revenues, and 45 locations in 16 countries, Nypro is a leading global precision plastics contract manufacturer, and one of the 10 largest employee-owned (ESOP) companies.


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