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In Germany, plastics packaging sector has an optimistic attitude about the future

Despite the economic slowdown in the fourth quarter of 2008 Germany’s plastics packaging industry achieved satisfactory results last year, reported The German association of plastics packaging, IK Industrievereinigung Kunst-stoffverpackungen e.V.

The economic downturn in Germany has affected also the packaging industry. But nevertheless it is noticeable that the impact remains below the alarming forecasts. The production growth of three percent up to 4.1 million tons in 2008 can be considered as positive – especially with regard to a very successful year 2007. Also the annual turnover of the plastics packaging industry reached six percent up to 13.9 billion Euro. According to the German Association of Plastics Packaging (IK), this growth is, however, far too slow compared to the price explosion in the raw material and energy sector during the last year. But the plastics packaging sector has an optimistic attitude about the future. The companies take their self-confidence out of their potential to innovate and their future-oriented products. In general, the domestic demand is expected to grow while the export may for the first time make a negative contribution. With approximately 400 member companies IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoff-verpackungen e.V. is currently the largest association within the plastics industry in Europe.


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