sophisticated packaging
sophisticated packaging
sophisticated packaging

Kerrygold “Extra”the “gold of the green island” – looks sleek in K3® tubs made by Greiner Packaging International.

The Irish spread, Kerrygold “Extra”, has consistently received awards from trade associations and professional publications. It is healthy, innovative, and extremely soft and easy to spread. In addition, its packaging is impressive with unique features in terms of functionality, design, and decoration.

Kremsmünster, 18 December 2012 – Kerrygold “Extra” is a dairy spread made from Irish meadow-grazed-milk butter and high-quality rapeseed oil. The innovative product has received awards such as “Hit 2012”, “Product of the Year 2011”, and “Top Brand 2012”. The keys to Kerrygold extra’s success are its excellent spreadability and easy handling due to its packaging in a 250-gram tub. Being a lowfat butter (65%) it is particularly suited for people to whom a low-cholesterol, low-calorie diet is important.

K3® technology for dimensionally stable tubs
Kerrygold “Extra” is offered in flavors such as “with sea salt” and “unsalted” in 250- gram and 150-gram packages made by Greiner Packaging International. The packaging specialists have applied their technological diversity to the design of these sophisticated-looking containers that are thermoformed from PP and wrapped with a cardboard sleeve. Recycled paper is used for the sleeve, which gives the tub greater stability and protects the contents from exposure to light. For decoration, technological methods such as printing and labeling are used. A thin sheet of special paper is inserted between the spread and lid, which additionally protects the product.

Convenience for families and single households
The textured cardboard sleeve and the rounded shape of the tub provide for convenient and safe handling while spreading. An additional feature is a small flap on the lid to provide ease of opening and closing. The product volumes were determined to correspond with current customer behavior. The 250-gram version is ideally suited for families, whereas the smaller 150-gram variant satisfies the needs of single households.

Irish traditional butter label
Kerrygold is a brand in the Irish dairy product sector that is distributed in over 70 countries by the Irish Dairy Board, founded in 1961. The original offering from their product range is Kerrygold butter, which is the undisputed leader among all brands of butter sold in Germany in regards to popularity and consumption.

Corporate Data
Greiner Packaging International is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry. In 2011, the company achieved annual sales of EUR 446.6 million – more than one-third of the total Greiner Group sales. Greiner Packaging International has a workforce of 3,103 employees throughout 32 locations.

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