Georg Schwarz, the owner of injection molding machine supplier Engel Austria GmbH, has received a very special accolade at the NPE 2009 in Chicago where his name was added to the “Plastics Hall of Fame”.

The Plastics Academy Hall of Fame has honoured personalities who have made substantial contributions to the growth and success of the plastics industry. Besides Nobel Prize winners and the inventors of plastics that are now in daily use, the list includes founders and formative personalities with leading chemicals and mechanical engineering companies.

Born in Essegg, Croatia, in 1928, Georg Schwarz moved to Austria in 1945. After marrying Irene Engel he joins the family business in 1951. Soon after this, he started to establish a global sales network, thus laying down the foundations for Engel’s success today. Schwarz set up production facilities in Austria, Canada, the USA, Korea, China, and the Czech Republic. Staff figures have grown almost ten-fold over the years.

ENGEL is now a global leader in injection moulding machine manufacturing and has a 24% market share in Europe and America.



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