THE Governemnt has announced that local elections planned for the first Thursday in May will go ahead.

This means that the elections for a new Shropshire Council will take place.

It is a sign that the Government is confident that Covid-19 restrictions will have been able to be sufficiently lifted by then for people to go to the polls.

Up until now there has been a ban on political leafleting.

In Ludlow the Liberal Democrats will be defending all the wards in the town currently held by councillors Andy Boddington, Tracey Huffer and Vivienne Parry.

The party will also be defending the Clee ward that covers the village of Clee and Burford.

But the decision to go ahead with the elections has not gone down well with everyone.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, has said that he wants an election and it is important to refresh the Council but the poll should be delayed until the autumn because of Covid.

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