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China's plastic products exports in first four months exceed US$6 billion

The General Administration of Customs of China released the country’s foreign trade results from January to April. According to the statistics, total import and export values reached US$1.1 trillion during the period, a 28.5% increase compared to last year.


Of this sum, exports registered a 27.4% growth year-on-year, reaching US$555.3 billion, while imports grew by 29.6% to US$545.02 billion. Trade surplus was US$10.28 billion, a decrease of 32.8%.

In April alone, 676,000 tons of plastics products worth US$1.86 billion were exported, while the total exports between January and April reached 2.37 million tones, worth US$6.42 billion, representing an increase of 9% and 24.5% respectively compared to last year.

During the four months under review, 1.83 million tons of plastic raw materials were imported at US$3.95 billion, a drop of 5.8% compared to last year. Total imports between January and April were 7.74 million tons worth US$15.56 billion, representing an increase of 9.4%.


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