Charlotte residents recycled 30percent more paper, glass, plastic and metal in the first year of the single-stream recycling system, city

officials said Monday.

In addition, about half of all single-family households are now recycling, up from 42 percent in the previous year.

“We are excited to see such a tremendous increase in the amount of recyclables collected,” said Victoria Johnson of Solid Waste Services.

The city revamped its recycling program last July, expanding what could be recycled and switching to an every-other-week collection schedule. Residents were given 96-gallon rollout carts to replace the much smaller red bins.

About 44,587 tons of materials were recycled from Charlotte homes in the fiscal year that ended June 30, said Charita Curtis, a spokeswoman for Solid Waste Services. That’s up from 34,320 tons in 2009-10.

The city had hoped to increase recycled material by 20 percent.

The amount of waste sent to landfills went down by about 18,000 tons, or 7 percent, saving $274,000 in disposal costs.

Over the next year, the city hopes to see a 5 percent increase in recycled material.

City officials are reminding people to follow the every-other-week collection schedule. Curtis said agency officials also ask people not to put pizza boxes, Sytrofoam or plastic bags into their roll-out bins, which can contaminate the recyclable goods.

Also new this year: residents can buy a second 96-gallon rollout bin. The bins cost $40 and can be ordered by calling 311. So far, 108 additional bins have been bought.


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