Fundamentally New Filtration System for Highly Contaminated Plastics Boosts Recycling Productivity and Minimizes Melt Loss

Automatic Self-Cleaning BKG® HiCon™ R-Type 250 System from Nordson Maintains Constant Melt Pressure and Uses a Filter Element with a Long Working Life MÜNSTER, GERMANY, August 15, 2016: A new melt filtration system for recycling highly contaminated plastics provides greater productivity than comparable machines on the market while maintaining constant melt pressure and product consistency, […]

Polystar to demonstrate Repro-Air recycling system at Taipei Plas 2016

At Taipei Plas 2016, Polystar will demonstrate its Repro-Air recycling machine designed for high density and low density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE) film producers. Repro-Air is a compact solution for reprocessing HDPE and LDPE film scraps. It allows start-up or changeover of film rolls (film-on-roll) without the need for pre-cutting, edge-trim waste, T-shirt bag bundles […]

Agr International highlights CrystalView system for PET bottle production management

At K 2016, Agr International will highlight its CrystalView system for managing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle crystallinity and the Automated Laboratory Test Cell for bottle quality management. Agr International offers a number of products that are designed to aid bottle manufacturers achieve light weighting goals while maintaining high quality. CrystalView material optimization system is the […]

Americhem, LPKF Collaborate on Delivery of Colorful Laser Plastic Welding Results

Technology allows weight, time and money savings while optimizing aesthetics. Since the early 2000s, laser plastics welding has been coming into its own, starting with electronics and gaining in acceptance in other key industries such as automotive. One of three non-friction welding processes, laser welding is a gentle and clean joining process that enables welding […]

Akro-Plastic sheds lights on lightweight design with ICF carbon fiber reinforced plastic

At K 2016, lightweight design will be the main focus of Akro-Plastic GmbH, part of the K. D. Feddersen Group. “With our innovative ‘ICF’ carbon fiber reinforced compounds, we have been able to realize a number of serial applications that actively contribute to lowering CO2 emissions,” stated Thilo Stier, Head of Sales and Innovation at […]